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Distinctive Landscaping Materials & Natural Stones

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Custom Work Available


Add a unique material to your garden when you shop at Hildenbrand Supply, LLC. Our stock includes decorative stones and mulches.


For more than 15 years, we have worked hard to find you the perfect stones. Contact us to locate the right materials for your landscape.

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Our Story

Dress up your garden with the landscaping materials from Hildenbrand Supply, LLC in Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania. Our collection of decorative and natural stones makes the perfect addition to any yard. Since 1998, we have helped our customers pick out the perfect pieces for their homes and businesses. With a commitment to excellence, our business has earned the reputation for top service in the area. Whether you have a sample you would like us to match or you just need to order mulch, our team helps you achieve your goals.

Contact us to shop for rocks and mulch at our supply store.